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Helping business owners in building their dreams and connecting with the communities they serve.

My vision for businesses is more than just “opening and closing your doors”. It’s about the “why”. Why did you open your business? Why do you want to open a business? Why do you want to keep your business? What drives your passion? Whether you are providing a service or a product, I want to see you not just survive, but to flourish and grow as your dream becomes reality. To help create a positive atmosphere for both you and your customers. 

As a first-generation Immigrant, I understand what it’s like to have a dream and the struggles you face to make that dream a reality. Having worked with top professionals from several varied businesses, I have always strived to give my best to my mentors and their clients. Over the past several years I have built Glider Consulting by helping business owners find the solutions necessary to make their business successful and their dreams a reality.


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Glider Consulting began with the desire to help others realize their dreams can become a reality. Building a solid foundation that will bring their business ideas to life. To help you find the right strategic solution for your business, including creating and reshaping hierarchies, helping you understand company audits, marketing, and helping you to identify ways of streamlining workflow processes.

 Having the experience and forethought to stay ahead of the most common and uncommon problems most business owners experience allows me to provide practical advice and tailor-made solutions to take your brick and mortar business to the highest growth. Creating and/or restructuring your business plan and discussing the intricacies of small business is our speciality.

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My experience, education and creativity allows me to find practical, strategic solutions for your business. Providing step by step guidance and implementation to help you in reshaping management and staff as necessary, understanding company audits, creating successful marketing strategies including rebranding and revamping as well as helping you to identify ways to streamline workflow process. My comprehensive range of services means you can rely on me to deliver a suite of effective solutions for your organization - whatever it's size.


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Anna puts her heart and soul into making dreams become practical and highly successful realities! She is extraordinary at covering all details, quick executio and creative project management. She is …

Crystal Ferrara


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All services
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What We Offer...

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